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        In Cooking Fever you must survive waves of clients
        The coins players can achieve in a level depend on the upgrades and the execution. Even with a nearly perfect execution, the score is capped by the upgrades. A crucial point for the monetization is the fact that the star-Requirements for the levels are balanced so that it will be impossible to reach 3-stars in every level with coin-only-upgrades. This ultimately means, players need to pay if they want to reach the highest scores possible. But they are also motivated to get the level-execution perfect first.
        Having unlimited playable content only limited by player skill and upgrades, leaves the developers not much of a choice on where to monetize without harming the challenging core of their game. Players in Cooking Fever always know what they will get for their money. This makes the game very transparent for players and they will never feel cheated. Any purchase the players make (except the cakes), increases the players capabilities permanently.
        In Cooking Fever you must survive waves of clients who will ask you for all kinds of fast food: burgers, sodas, hot dogs. As the clerk you will have to follow the necessary steps to prepare each meal and each order. For example, to cook a good burger you must place the bread in the plate, the meat in the pan, take it out when it's done (take too long and it will be burned and you will have to throw it away!) and put it in the bread.
        The rhythm and your micromanagement skills will be the key to succeed in Cooking Fever, especially when you get past the tutorial levels and start being overwhelmed by many customers at once. Take too long and the clients will leave angry and without paying. Be fast and they'll be so happy that you will get tipped. Up to now Cooking Fever looks like your typical cooking game. What's unique about it? Two elements, the progression and the establishment management.
        At the end of a round or a level of Cooking Fever, you can invest your money in better kitchen tools. Improve your frying pan and the meat will be done sooner. Buy more tuppers and you can store more food, helping with your provisions. You choose what you want to improve, breaking one of the curses of this type of games: the linear progression.
        After playing so many rounds of the addicting core gameplay, the need for additional content is high. Gaining access to a new area costs a significant amount of hard currency. I expect the new content is one of the main conversion drivers. As mentioned before, some upgrades require Cooking Fever Coins. And some of them are obligatory to reach a 3-star-rating in some of the levels. Score wise, the 1-star-rating can be achieved with the coin upgrades, but it just doesn’t feel as great. It is always a struggle to finish all the costumers orders in time, even with perfect execution.

        Publié à 09:11, le 2/07/2019, Etats-Unis
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